IT Sales Manager

In this course, we'll get you up-to-date on the skills that you need to master becoming a salesperson in the IT sphere.
To become a student at Agilie IT School, you have to pass an English test, record a video presentation and pass an interview. The best students will become a part of Agilie as sales managers.

Start: June, 19, 2018
1 month

Price: Free

2 times a week/2 hours
up to 10 students in a class


Sergey Gladun photo
Sergey Gladun

CEO, Agilie.
Sergey possesses 8 years of experience in running a software development company, as well as B2B sales.

Course Agenda


1.1 Intro part:

- About us and our team

- Development, Marketing, and Selling

- Knowing your market. Being an expert

- Time management, goals, plans and fut

1.2 Technical background and glossary:

- Software development and design services

- Role of quality assurance

- Business analysis

- Project requirements and tasks decomposition

- Estimation and briefs

- Team communication

- Presentation and sale speech


2.1 Marketing:

- The Marketing plan

- Analyzing the market

- Analyzing our services

- Analyzing our customers

- Segmenting Your Customers

- Targeting Your Customers

- Setting Goals- Storytelling

- Communicating price

- Sending promotional message

- Using social media to promote services

2.2 Sales:

- Buyer persona

- Identifying potential customers

- Understanding your customer's issues

- Buying motivators of customers

- Barriers to change

- Proof of your solution

- Value

Sales in practice

3.1 Inbound and outbound sales channels:

- Definitions

- Paid advertisement

- Social Media

3.2 Inbound sales:

- First Impressions & Appearance

- Know What You're Selling

- Solve The Problem

- The Presentation

- Understanding Negotiation

- Budget - Decision

3.3 Outbound sales:

- Lead generation

- Right client profile

- Tools to search for the client

- Tools to reach the client

- Process automation

- Control & KPIs

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